Do You Know How to Travel on a Shoe String Budget?

Few if any have traveled as much as I have. I use to be an impulse traveler, meaning if I thought about a place to see I would arrange a trip and be on my way.

One constant for me was to always find the least expensive way to travel. The fact that I was in the military meant I could fly on a military plane to wherever they were flying for free.

During the times I could not get on a military plane as a space available passenger, I had to reach into my wallet and pay the difference. Through those experiences I learned how to travel on little to nothing.

When you travel on a shoe string budget it means you are comfortable with yourself, you have a lot of confidence and determination. The major requirements for traveling on a shoe string budget is to have an open mind, meaning you are flexible and no matter if you encounter a setback, the goal is to get to your destination safely.

For example, I wanted to fly to Australia for the Goodwill Games sports competition in Brisbane. In order to get the least expensive package, I had to plan well in advance. The flight including connections took 23 hours, one has to be in relatively good physical condition because of the long flight, carrying luggage and sleeping in intervals.

Planning ahead is the key to successful travel. Arranging hotel accommodations is another priority because you need to secure a place to lay your head, thus I compare different hotels and select one that not only is clean but safe as well.

Transportation once you arrive in another country is crucial, this is what makes or breaks your budget because you need to be mobile. One can select a rental car or use the public transportation available in the city you are in, select a multiple day bus and or train pass because its more economical.

You must also factor in meals, this is why the hotel accommodations is important. Does the hotel you are staying at offer free breakfast, lunch and or late evening snacks? I stayed at the Marriott in Brisbane, Australia and they offered free breakfast and evening snacks based on the plan I selected, it saved me a lot of money.

Given the fact I did not know anyone in Australia, I asked the hotel staff where everything is located, where to catch the bus to the sports venues I was attending and then of course side excursions to the rain forest, the Gold Coast, wineries and the movie studio.

Being the world budget traveler I am, I recommend you plan ahead the next time you decide to take your next trip. Think shoe string budget no matter where you are going and most importantly have a great time, its well worth the trip.

Tips to Help Anxious Travelers

Going on a vacation is something that most people look forward to. It is natural to take a break, especially after slogging hard for months. However, many people don’t enjoy going on a travel break as they shudder at the mere thought of traveling to faraway places. They fear to travel, to visit unfamiliar places or to plunge into the unknown. They are the anxious travelers and they suffer from travel anxiety.

It is true that no amount of pursuance can instill the zeal in them to travel gleefully like most others. However, following a few simple steps can help these anxious travelers embark on joyful trips and experience the bliss of traveling.

Here are some tips to help and encourage anxious people to put on their travelling shoes and go hopping from one place to other.

  1. Preparing for return: Most anxiety-ridden people who are averse to traveling are afraid of the scenario once they are back home. They are finicky about the order at their homes while they are away and how they would manage after returning. Hence, they should prepare for their return even before they start their tour. Getting back home and finding everything in place like clean bedsheets, a tidy kitchen and washroom or a well-stocked refrigerator are some of the things that should pacify an anxious traveler.
  2. Understanding problems of traveling to unknown places: It is better to know from beforehand that certain things might not turn out to be as planned and there would be minor hiccups. It happens with everyone. Setting the expectations at a lower level should pacify a lot of anxiety for the traveler who doesn’t want to visit an unknown place and is perennially skeptical.
  3. Sorting things and documenting everything before traveling: Documenting every move and preparing for the journey in advance should help the anxious traveler. Putting every important document in place and sorting other necessary stuff before setting out should help in calming them down.
  4. Get clear idea about financial implications in foreign land: Money is a big worry for the anxious traveler who secretly dreads of going broke while holidaying in a foreign land. In fact, this is also a genuine fear as it could be a disaster without money in an unknown destination. There is a slim chance of such a scenario and nobody is going to be stuck in an alien place just for the lack of money. But those who suffer from anxiety will almost think that it would become a reality and tend to get overly anxious much before setting out from home. Putting things into perspective and planning the finances will help ease some of the anxiety.
  5. Getting information about the place from friends and family: A bit of reassurance and getting an idea about the place of visit beforehand should do a whole lot of good for the anxious traveler. With a fair bit of idea about the place and reassurance from family and friends, the anxious traveler would benefit and hope to complete the trip in a hassle-free manner.

Dealing with anxiety disorders

Living with anxiety disorders is challenging and life becomes a virtual battlefield for the sufferer. However, the good thing is that anxiety disorder is manageable with proper treatment.

Traveling is an Art Pursued by the Heart

There are many dimensions to the need of traveling. Sometimes, it is a hobby. At other times it’s a passion or a sustaining force. At still other times the thrill of adventure in unknown territories might be the push you are looking for. Call it anything but the travel-lust does not leave you idle for a single day. You would get crazy for wearing your travel shoes and begin on the brilliant trip ahead.

If you want to experience the fullness of traveling, no one can guide you better than locals. Different city guides and various channels will tell you all about the past, present, demography, food, ethnicity, language and sights of the place but the local would tell you about the inherent charm of the place. He would bring you close to the voice of the city. These people are meant to know each stretch of the place and are hence the best guides for you. Using them will bring a new flavor in discovering the place.

An example would attest it. Suppose, there is a mountain peak with a religious idol; a company guide will tell you all about the establishment of the idol, the height of the mountain and other things. The indigenous people will tell you all about the various folklores that are associated with the place. Travelers like being informed about small pieces of history. It adds to their feel about a place. Further, the locals know many additional roads that lead to certain unknown virgin places. No company guide will take a beaten road towards a hidden fountain to fulfill your traveling desire.

People seek various travel services looking for authentic travel experience. Post globalization, the world has narrowed down. Each place has many places in it. This adds to the multicultural feeling of a tourist place. A tourist is also attracted by the old world charm of a place.

Travel services or agencies generally provide with a bulk package. They take care of hotel booking and a complimentary breakfast. They will take you to various trips for sightseeing. Most of the sites would be renowned but very common. It is important to spend a little more and look for a customized deal. Be it trips or excursion, a tourist needs privacy and independent choice of traveling. This is where a customized deal proves better.

For example, a bulk package will take many groups to an island and arrange for a motor ride. A customized deal will offer a scuba-diving trip. A local would enrich the trip even further by taking you to those marine trenches which have vast coral reserves or aquatic animals. Such scuba experience will be unforgettable.

The travel agencies set a high price at times. A local adds to your experience at a very low cost. Sometimes a pound suffices. So check into an accommodation, get your travel gears on and look for these men who can help you travel along the line of your heart.

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