How to Stay Stylish and Comfortable While Traveling

Everyone wishes to look stylish when they travel, whether it is the holiday season or not. But this is often a challenge considering most stylish things means you need to give up on your comforts. However, there are always ways in which you can maintain a balance. Here are some helpful ways you can appear stylish once you travel without compromising over your comforts. They can be easily implemented when you travel.

1. Keep the Additional Stress Away

A lot of us end up looking flustered and miserable because we tend to make traveling difficult for ourselves. One of the most important practices that every traveler should adopt is to pack everything well before time. This means you have plenty of time for everything else and stay relaxed once you reach the airport.

It’s important to understand that this is not only about the clothes you wear or the way you dress up. Staying relaxed is very important and can only happen if you prepare ahead of time.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Nothing replaces a good night’s sleep. This is what every traveler must understand if they wish to look their best once they arrive at the airport. A night before the flight, it is important that you sleep well and keep all the distractions away. Technology and caffeine are the two biggest reasons that may affect the quality of your sleep. It is important that you stay away from these and appear restful before your flight.

3. Select the Right Shoe

Traveling shoes are no jokes. You may end up walking endlessly at the airport so just because you feel like looking good doesn’t mean you end up wearing those high heels. This is why it is important to select the shoes very carefully. There are plenty of shoes you’ll find in the market that are comfortable and good looking. These are the ones you should be looking out for. When you select these, ensure they are easy to take on an off because the security checks at the airport have tightened over the recent times. A pair of decent looking trainers or boots does a fine job in keeping you comfortably stylish.

4. Stay Hydrated

If you are habitual of drinking a lot of water, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. But if you aren’t, you really have to be mindful. Hydration can become a huge issue while traveling, especially when you’re up in the air. Therefore, carrying an empty water bottle can help you in increasing your fluid intake while you travel. Ideally, water should replace any of your caffeine or alcohol intake while traveling.

5. Wear Your Smile

You may be comfortable wearing your favorite jeans and top, but what really adds style to your outlook is the smile you wear. It can be painful to do this while you’re traveling because of endless procedures, but it’s worth the effort if you wish to look your best.

Versatile and Comfortable Shoes

I’m on a quest for that perfect single pair of comfortable shoes. I cover a lot of ground in my shoes and enjoy a wide variety of activities.

WORK. First is my job which requires me to run a lot of errands around town. I need a pair of casual shoes that look stylish enough to be worn with khakis and measure up against the company dress code. And with all the time I spend on my feet, I also want a pair of comfortable shoes that feel my favorite pair of sneakers.

IN TOWN. At home I go barefoot, so there’s no problem there. But when I’m running around town, I want the perfect pair of shoes to as I’m walking from place to place for the usual appointments and engagements. Ideally, I’d wear my broken-in oh-so-comfortable tennys. But I’d feel too self conscious wearing shabby shoes that look like their about to fall apart.

TRAVEL. My job also provides me the opportunity to travel once a month. I’d love to wear the same comfortable travel shoes on the plain, going to the hotel, and at the meeting in the boardroom.

RUNNING & HIKING. In my spare time, I enjoy walking, jogging, and running before and after work. And on the weekends I love experiencing the great outdoors, hiking and trail walking. I would love to find a versatile and comfortable shoe that allows me to walk along paved park paths, pound the streets as I run, or hike to the top of a hill on a dirt trail.

DESIGN. I understand that comfortable shoes don’t pop out of thin air; they’re made. The reason shoes are comfortable is they are designed to be supportive. First, a quality pair of comfortable shoes provides good arch support. It also cradles and supports the contours of your heel and helps absorb the pressure of every heel strike as you walk or run. The arch support and heel support are integrated into the design of the shoe to provide maximum flexibility, support, and comfort.

STYLE. In addition to comfort and support, the perfectly versatile, comfortable shoes need to be stylish. They need to be conservative and casual enough to blend in with a golf shirt and nice pair of slacks at work. They also need to look athletic enough to match my active, outdoor lifestyle.

If I were to listen to the fashionistas out there, I’d need a pair of shoes for every activity, or worse a pair for every outfit. I can’t afford that. Even if I could, I don’t want a whole closet full of shoes, nor do I have the energy to remember which shoes go with which outfit. I’m just looking for that one versatile pair of conservative, active, sensible, supportive, stylish, travel, walking, hiking… the world’s most comfortable shoes.

Women’s Travel Shoes – Making the Right Choice

When the idea for this article was originally conceived, my purpose was to do some research and then give practical advice on the best shoes to buy and wear while traveling. Shoes seemed like a relevant topic as even an experienced traveler such my girl friend admits “I take too many pairs of shoes with me when I travel and even then I sometimes don’t have the right pair.” I found, not only are shoes a relevant topic for women travelers, shoes are an interesting topic period-a search on shoe topics on the Internet led to me to their history, fascinating facts and photos of a lot of great looking shoes.

So, while I did locate some solid advice on choosing comfortable shoes for traveling (see below), I felt compelled, almost obsessed it seemed, to continue delving into the topic of shoes. Below is only some of what my research revealed.

Some Shoe Facts

  • The average American woman owns 30 pairs of shoes-the average male 4.
  • 8 1/2 to 9 is the size the average American woman wears.
  • 35% of U.S. women wear larger than a size 9 (including celebrity Paris Hilton who cruises around in size 11).
  • A recent study in Britain revealed that 4 in 10 women have bought shoes which they have never worn. This translates into over $130 million (U.S. dollars) in unworn shoes (the article was written by a man).

Some Shoe History

  • Scientists speculate the first shoes were made from animal skins during the Ice Age to protect feet.
  • The biggest find of shoes from prehistory belonged to Native Americans in Missouri and date back to 8000 BC.
  • By the time of the ancient Egyptians, shoes, in the form of sandals, became more than just foot protection and were used to display wealth and power.
  • Marie Antoinette had 500 pairs of shoes. One servant’s sole job was to catalog her shoes by color, date and style.
  • At least 6 pairs of ruby slippers were made for the film the Wizard of Oz, 4 of which survive today. One pair is on display at the Smithsonian and another pair sold at a Christie’s auction for $165,000.

What did I conclude from this widely jumbled assortment of information? First, the Internet can be a fathomless depth and I need to learn when to back away from the computer. Second, despite how often the word “obsession” occurred during my Internet research on women and shoes, the topic will always fascinate me.

Choosing the Right Shoes to Wear While Traveling

Feet endure tremendous pressures during daily living. An average day of walking brings a force equal to several hundred tons to your feet. During a trip you’ll be on your feet and walking even more than usual. The success of your trip could depend on having a comfortable pair of shoes. Unless you’re going hiking on poorly maintained trails in the wilderness, walking or running shoes are best. Below are some tips from the American Podiatric Medical Association for buying the right shoes and getting the best fit.

  • It sounds elementary, but be sure the widest part of your foot corresponds to the widest part of the shoe. Be sure that shoes fit well-front, back, and sides-to distribute weight.
  • Shop for shoes later in the day; feet tend to swell during the day, and it’s best to be fitted while they are in that state.
  • Try on shoes while you’re wearing the same type of socks you expect to wear with the shoes.
  • Don’t rely on the size of your last pair of shoes. Your feet do get larger and sizes vary.
  • Have your feet measured while you’re standing.
  • Always buy for the larger foot; feet are seldom precisely the same size.
  • Always try on both shoes, and walk around the store.
  • Don’t buy shoes that need a “break-in” period; shoes should be comfortable immediately.

Don’t Forget the Socks

Your choice of socks is also important. Sports podiatrists frequently recommend padded socks of acrylic fiber. Acrylic fibers tend to “wick” away excessive perspiration, which active feet can produce from 250,000 sweat glands at a rate of four to six ounces a day, or even more (yuk).