Fantastic Shoes for the Traveler

Traveling can be a stressful activity when it comes to planning and packing. A good way to ease some of this stress is to pack a reliable pair of versatile travel shoes. Packing one or two pairs of great shoes can save a lot of space in your bag and reduce the amount of things to manage throughout the trip. It’s always beneficial to have shoes that have great traction, excellent arch and heel support, and are lightweight and breathable. Since traveling requires you to be on your feet a lot, these support features can make the journey much more pleasant.

Keeping as much weight off your feet as possible is an efficient way to stay comfortable on the road. If you’re carrying a pack this is especially important since you will tire more quickly. Lighter trail shoes are great travel shoes since they still have a solid rubber sole with great grip and a durable last and fabric construction, but they aerate well and are easy to wear.

A cushioned heel is very important on those uneven and rocky surfaces since the heel takes so much shock when walking. A cupped heel will alleviate a lot of stress on the heel and go a long way towards preventing and treating heel pain. This is a great feature for the traveler who stays on their feet all day crossing many different surfaces.

Well designed mid-sole regions of the shoes are also necessary to hold the form of the arch. The plantar fascia tendon that makes up the arch of the foot needs to be well supported to prevent the breakdown of the arches and the development of the foot condition plantar fasciitis. A quality midsole will help keep your feet comfortable no matter where your trip takes you.

Finally, the most fantastic travel shoes are those that can be worn anywhere in total comfort. Versatility is key when you need a shoe that can handle a hiking trip and a tour through the big city. Great travel shoes are designed to prevent pain in the entire foot.

With superior travel shoes, you will be sure to travel better. Remaining comfortable in your shoes all day will keep you focused on the journey and not your feet. A lot discomfort can be avoided by continuously wearing supportive footwear as you travel. Heel pain and breakdown of the arches can be managed with great shoes.

3 Common Mistakes Women Make When Selecting Shoes for Travel

Spring is here, and we’re itching to get our travel on! There’s nothing quite like the thrill of getting away from the everyday routine of school or the office to travel somewhere new, exciting or just plain relaxing. And for many of us girls, with spring break or time off just on the horizon, we’ve already begun shopping for cute clothes and accessories to pack for our trip.

However, in between the fun of picking out sweet little beachy dresses or snagging a new pair of shades, we need to remember the importance of selecting the right pair of travel shoes. With all the excitement of planning for a trip, this vital step of selecting comfortable walking shoes for women is often overlooked or not given much thought. And this is a real shame, because the footwear you choose to bring can make or break your trip.

Here’s three common mistakes that most women make when selecting travel shoes, and suggestions on how you can avoid them.

  • Not enough support

If you plan on taking a sightseeing or walking tour while you’re on vacation, you will need to make sure that your shoes are up to the task. This means you’ll want to avoid shoes with thin, flimsy bottoms or soles. (Yes, that means you’ll probably want to stay away from those cheap dollar store flip flops.) The most comfortable walking shoes for women feature thick footbeds with plenty of support. Even if you think you already have travel shoes with proper support, it never hurts to double check their quality. If they’re a pair you wear often, they may be worn down on the bottom and not be offering you the support you think they are. If that’s the case, then a new pair of supportive shoes may be in your future.

  • Not comfortable

Comfortable walking shoes are a must for women who love to travel. We know you want to look cute while on vacation, but style is simply never worth the suffering, especially when it comes to traveling. Ditch the painful, blister causing footwear and invest in more comfortable options like a cozy pair of sneakers or supportive sandals. And with all fashionable options out on the market today, you should never have to worry about sacrificing style for comfort, or vice versa. Also, don’t be afraid to leave your heels at home. Look instead for cute but comfortable wedges if you’re planning to dress up while on vacation. They will give you the style and height you want without making your feet hurt from extended periods of walking.

  • Too heavy

Weight is something that’s often overlooked when choosing comfortable travel shoes for women. No matter how comfortable or supportive they are, if your shoes are too heavy, they can negatively impact your travel experience. If you’re walking around in shoes that put too much additional weight on your foot, your steps will be heavier and you’ll get tired much quicker. Heavy shoes can also weigh down your suitcase, which may make a difference in the amount of money you pay to have your baggage checked before boarding your flight. Avoid these problems by selecting shoes that are as lightweight as they are comfortable.

How to Stay Stylish and Comfortable While Traveling

Everyone wishes to look stylish when they travel, whether it is the holiday season or not. But this is often a challenge considering most stylish things means you need to give up on your comforts. However, there are always ways in which you can maintain a balance. Here are some helpful ways you can appear stylish once you travel without compromising over your comforts. They can be easily implemented when you travel.

1. Keep the Additional Stress Away

A lot of us end up looking flustered and miserable because we tend to make traveling difficult for ourselves. One of the most important practices that every traveler should adopt is to pack everything well before time. This means you have plenty of time for everything else and stay relaxed once you reach the airport.

It’s important to understand that this is not only about the clothes you wear or the way you dress up. Staying relaxed is very important and can only happen if you prepare ahead of time.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Nothing replaces a good night’s sleep. This is what every traveler must understand if they wish to look their best once they arrive at the airport. A night before the flight, it is important that you sleep well and keep all the distractions away. Technology and caffeine are the two biggest reasons that may affect the quality of your sleep. It is important that you stay away from these and appear restful before your flight.

3. Select the Right Shoe

Traveling shoes are no jokes. You may end up walking endlessly at the airport so just because you feel like looking good doesn’t mean you end up wearing those high heels. This is why it is important to select the shoes very carefully. There are plenty of shoes you’ll find in the market that are comfortable and good looking. These are the ones you should be looking out for. When you select these, ensure they are easy to take on an off because the security checks at the airport have tightened over the recent times. A pair of decent looking trainers or boots does a fine job in keeping you comfortably stylish.

4. Stay Hydrated

If you are habitual of drinking a lot of water, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. But if you aren’t, you really have to be mindful. Hydration can become a huge issue while traveling, especially when you’re up in the air. Therefore, carrying an empty water bottle can help you in increasing your fluid intake while you travel. Ideally, water should replace any of your caffeine or alcohol intake while traveling.

5. Wear Your Smile

You may be comfortable wearing your favorite jeans and top, but what really adds style to your outlook is the smile you wear. It can be painful to do this while you’re traveling because of endless procedures, but it’s worth the effort if you wish to look your best.